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2012 Honda NC700SA


6755 Kilometers
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Newer tires with chain and sprocket, fully serviced.


The all-new Honda NC700SA is a bike that you’ll want to ride just about every day, and just about everywhere. Its low-revving 670 cc twin-cylinder engine produces oodles of user-friendly torque, making it perfect for the cut and thrust of city traffic. And it sounds and feels like no other engine out there, with a pleasing cadence as you twist the throttle that mellows to a smooth rumble as you settle in to a cruising pace on the highway.

Packed with innovative technology and extremely fuel efficient, the engine features forward-canted cylinders and a compact overall size that allow it to be mounted in a way that not only contributes to the NC700SA’s low centre of gravity for light, nimble handling, but also opens up a huge storage space where the cylinders and gas tank would be on a conventional bike. Flip up the lockable cover, and drop in your helmet and gloves.

You might expect this type of convenience on a big scooter or touring bike, but on a sporty naked-style motorcycle? It’s just one of the ways the NC700SA is different from anything you’ve ever ridden.

  • Designed to be light and compact, extremely stingy on fuel, and to conserve resources during manufacturing, the all-new 670 cc, liquid-cooled, inline-twin engine used in the NC700SA incorporates numerous advanced and patented technologies.
  • The engine’s inline cylinders are canted forward by 62 degrees to help create a low overall centre of gravity for nimble, confidence-inspiring handling, and also to create room for a convenient central storage area where the cylinders and fuel tank would typically be.
  • To give the engine a satisfying and distinctive sound and feel, engineers thought way outside the box. A 270-degree crankshaft combined with a uniaxial primary counterbalance shaft creates a pulse much like that of a V-twin. The intake-port layout inside the cylinder head was carefully designed to create an intentional interference between adjacent ports, which results in subtle combustion variations. In addition, the timing for the opening and closing of the intake valves was set separately for each cylinder. The result? An engine that lets you know what it’s doing every time you twist the throttle.
  • To ensure strong acceleration, ease-of-use in the city, and a relaxed character on the highway, the engine delivers exceptionally strong low-rpm performance. The unique design creates a muscular, easy-to-use powerband not unlike that of a big-bore cruiser.
  • The six-speed manual transmission complements the powerband by using wide gear ratios – no need to be constantly shifting up and down to maintain strong performance.
  • Through the use of friction-reducing technologies, integrated components (such as running the oil pump using the counterbalance shaft and the water pump using the camshaft, which reduces the number of shafts required), precise PGM-FI electronic fuel-injection and efficient combustion, the NC700SA engine delivers exceptional fuel economy.
  • The engine’s efficient use of fuel enables the use of a smaller-volume, more-compact fuel tank that still allows ample riding range while giving engineers extra freedom to re-think the optimal placement of other components.
  • The exhaust catalytic converter sits directly beneath the exhaust ports and is activated early when the engine starts. This design lets the combustion gas pass through the catalyst while it is at its hottest, thereby maximizing purification efficiency. In fact, emissions are half of what is required by the strict Euro 3 emissions standard.
  • Although lightweight, the diamond-shaped steel-tube frame was carefully designed to be very sturdy while also allowing just enough flexibility to respond smoothly to changing road surfaces. This “tuned flexibility” produces a smooth ride while also letting you feel what the bike is doing. The result? Comfort when you’re just cruising, and a sporty, fun ride when you’re on your favourite twisty backroad.
  • Like the engine, the chassis is all about creating a ride that’s fun and user-friendly. The seating position is comfortably upright and relaxed, and the chassis geometry allows the NC700SA to nimbly manoeuvre through the city.
  • Honda’s Combined Braking System with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) provides added confidence during sudden stops or when the road is wet or slippery. Specially designed wave-style brake rotors not only keep unsprung weight low, they also require less energy and use less material during production because the rear rotor fits precisely inside the front rotor, allowing them to be stamped out of a single sheet of stainless steel at once.
Additional Features
  • The shape of the seat and its low height help to make it easy for you to extend your legs and reach the ground. And the handlebar position provides more room around your knees and arms for greater freedom of movement.
  • The 14.1-litre fuel tank is accessed beneath the seat at the rear of the bike, and the fuel is stored beneath the rider. The tail cowl has been cut short to bring the mass forward, and handy grips have been integrated into the tail section for passenger security.
  • Where the fuel tank would be on most bikes, the NC700SA instead has a large-capacity (21 litres), lockable utility compartment that’s big enough to hold an XL-size helmet. Don’t want to carry all your gear when you arrive at your destination? This handy compartment allows you to quickly stash your helmet, gloves and more out of sight. Need to hop down to the corner store for a few dinner supplies? The NC700SA makes it easy.
  • Engine Type: Liquid-cooled parallel-twin
  • Displacement: 670 cc
  • Bore & Stroke: 73 x 80 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
  • Valve Train: Chain driven SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Fuel Delivery: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
  • Transmission: Six-speed
  • Final Drive: O-ring sealed chain
  • Front Suspension: 41mm telescopic fork; 120 mm (4.7 in.)travel
  • Rear Suspension: Single shock, Pro-Link swingarm; 120 mm (4.7 in.) travel
  • Tires: 120/70ZR - 17 radial front; 160/60ZR - 17 radial rear
  • Brakes: Front 320 mm wave disc with triple-piston caliper; rear 240 mm wave disc with single-piston caliper. Combined Braking System with ABS
  • Seat Height: 790 mm (31.1 in.)
  • Wheelbase: 1,525 mm (60 in.)
  • Curb Weight: 215 kg (473 lb.) including required fluids and full tank of gas - ready to ride
  • Fuel Capacity: 14.1 L
  • Colour: Seal Silver Metallic with Thunder Yellow



Engine Type
Parallel-twin, Chain driven SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
670 cc
Bore and Stroke
73 x 80 mm
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection


Front Suspension
41mm telescopic fork; 120 mm (4.7 in.)travel
Rear Suspension
Single shock, Pro-Link swingarm; 120 mm (4.7 in.) travel
Front Brakes
320 mm wave disc with triple-piston caliper. Combined Braking System with ABS
Rear Brakes
240 mm wave disc with single-piston caliper. Combined Braking System with ABS
Front Tire
120/70ZR - 17 radial
Rear Tire
160/60ZR - 17 radial


1,525 mm (60 in.)
Seat Height
790 mm (31.1 in.)
Fuel Capacity
14.1 L
Dry Weight
Curb Weight: 215 kg (473 lb.)


Final Drive
O-ring sealed chain


Seal Silver Metallic with Thunder Yellow